Uber Sign Up Bonus and Uber Driver Referral Code [Update 2021]

In our everyday life, we use rideshare companies Uber, Lyft and others app. Due high demand and how convenient for passenger to get taxi through rideshare app, rideshare company hiring driver to meet the demand. As result of that, demand for driver increase and these companies such as uber offer promotions and bonus to incentive new driver to sign up in their platform.

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How to get uber sign up Bonus 2021

So, in order to sign up bonus when you start driving, you must sign up through Uber referral code or link . So, use this uber sign up bonus link to get highest bonus when you start driving.

Or you can use uber driver promo code: mohammady6144ue to get the bonus.

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Lyft Driver Promo Code and Lyft Sign up Bonus for Driver 2019

>Click Here to Lyft Sign upBonus for $1000 Bonus (Code automatically applied)

Lyft is currently giving new driver who sign up and use the Lyft  driver promo code “WELLCOME” or “UP999” up to $1000 in driver referral bonus so they can able to Earn extra when they start driving.

Whenever you sign up, you are able to use Lyft Driver promo codes which can yield to a Lyft driver bonus of up to $1,000 or you can be able to gift yourself an earning guarantee bonus of up to $3,500

The current Lyft Drive codes range from an amount of $50 to $1,000. Furthermore, this bonus is an addition to your regular Lyft Driver earnings.  In the most cities, the bonus runs from? $300 to $700.

The Lyft Driver guarantee bonus is up to $3,500, but unfortunately this offer is only available in a few cities.

A driver can fall for this offer if only he has made a certain number of rides within his first four weeks.

However, these promotions will only last a given time, and you will have to sign up soon if you really want to get the most out of Lyft.

This is an offer that will require you to first sign up using the Uber referral code then after that, you will be required to make a certain number of rides then after completing the stated rides, you will receive the earning.

However, if you fail to make the required number of rides, Uber will pay you the difference.

An example is when you are required to make 50 rides and receive $400, after you complete the number of rides, you will receive your earning guarantee.

If you fail to make the total number of rides out of 50 rides, you will paid the difference of the rides you completed.

One thing to note however is that these guarantees differ from one city to another and thus you will get the codes varying from one place to another.

You may encounter sites promising higher sign up bonus which can range from $4,000 to $5000 and these are just misleading sites looking for those to fall for their tricks.

The highest sign up guarantee as per the moment is $2,800 and is only available in a few selected cities.

The new drivers will be required to complete 350 rides to earn $2,800 within their first 90 days.

However, at times you can beat the earnings guarantee amount you signed up for and thus you will be wondering whether you should sign up for a higher or lower sign up guarantee.

Should you opt for a higher or lower sign up guarantee?

In most cases, the Uber bonus guarantee ranges from $300 to $800.

In recent cases, Uber drivers have received guarantees ranging from $1,000 to $2,800 in most cities.

The smaller Uber earning guarantee is the best option a new driver may opt for.

In this case, a new Uber driver tends to miss on the smaller guarantee and thus Uber will pay the difference.

The larger Uber earning guarantee may be tempting but will not yield much to a new driver.

So whenever you are disturbed on which guarantee you should take, please do take guarantee bonus ranging from $400 to $600 and you will at long last get something on top of your earnings.

Take note of the fake Uber Promo Amounts

You should take great care of the false Uber promo claims such as those which promise a range from $3,000 to $5,000.

You should note that you will not receive the stated amount in any case.

The highest incentive is $2,800 and anything beyond that is a false claim.

This is a trick by the existing drivers so that the new drivers can use their invite codes to their own advantage.

This leads to a great disappointment on the new drivers’ side when they actually realize the actual amount of the invite code.

So, you should take great caution when using these codes and always consider the more realistic ones since those are the ones that will really give you what you seek.

One thing you should however note is that the codes vary city by city and you cannot get the same bonus across all cities, they are different.

Cities to drive for Uber for higher earnings

In case you are wondering on which cities you are to drive for Uber and get a higher earning.

Then you should opt for cities like New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, and finally Baltimore.

In these cities, the earning guarantee and other bonuses are at their highest and you will be able to earn more than when in other cities.

How an Uber referral code works?

When you use this code, you will have increased your chances of earning more with Uber.

You will only be required to use this code during your sign up process after which you will be eligible to not only the earnings guarantee but also other fascinating bonuses.

You will receive your guaranteed payout once you complete the number of rides required for that specific offer.

In addition to that, the earnings guarantee will ensure that you get to earn way more than if you completed the required rides on a normal basis.

To receive the top Uber promotions, then you should opt for larger cities such as Philadelphia, Atlanta and Boston since Uber constantly recruits new drivers.

In these cities, you will find the earning guarantee ranging from $1,000 to $2,800.

However, for you to fully receive the earning guarantee bonus, you must have signed up with the Uber driver promo code and if otherwise, you will not be eligible to an earning guarantee.

Points to note when applying as an Uber driver ?
  • You are only required to use one Uber promo code. You may not in any case be allowed to stack promo codes in order to earn more.
  • If you fail to enter the code during your registration process, you will not be eligible to any bonus whatsoever.
  • Approval from the Uber team usually ranges from a day to a number of weeks. So, after your application, you should be patient and wait for your feedback.
  • Uber denies applications basing on specific reasons and thus you can find yourself being denied the opportunity.
  • When you are struggling to meet your target, you will only be required to carry a different passenger and not offer rides to friends to hit your target.
  • As and Uber driver, you are subject to Uber’s terms and conditions.
  • After your approval, you will only receive the Uber sign up guarantee only after completing the required number of rides.
  • The Uber bonus terms are subject to changes and are not in any case guaranteed.

How to apply as an Uber driver?

  • You will first need to fill in the application form. You will be required to fill in your name, cell phone number, Email and a password. Click here to start your application process.
  • After you submit these details, you will then be asked if you will be using your own car or renting one from Uber. You can as well purchase a car for Uber. ‘
  • After that, Uber will need to verify your identity and thus you will provide your social security number.
  • After providing your social security number, you will be required to upload the required documents. If you are using your own vehicle, you will upload your driver’s license, Vehicle insurance, and finally your vehicle registration.
  • If you will be renting, leasing or buying a vehicle from Uber, then you will only be required to provide your driver’s license.
  • Uber will then need your consent to run a background check on the details you provided. This can take up to weeks or just a few days.
  • After passing the background check, then you will be required to carry out an inspection on your vehicle. This can be done at Uber Greenlight, Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube or at Auto Zone. The inspection will be charged at about $20.
Lets Look into Uber Vehicle requirements?

There a few guidelines which determine if your vehicle will be accepted by Uber or not.

However, these requirements are flexible and only a few get to stick all the time.

If your vehicle fails to meet the expectations, you will be accepted into the team but your vehicle will not be allowed to be in. The requirements are as follows.

  • A vehicle must have four doors and must contain a minimum of five belts.
  • The vehicle must be in a good working condition and pass the required inspection.
  • A vehicle must have a valid registration and a clean title. However, the vehicle does not have to be in your name.
  • The model of the vehicle has to be 2002 or newer. A few cities might be strict on the model. Uber XL, Uber Black and Uber Select are also strict on the requirements on the vehicles.

Lets Look into Uber Driver requirements ?

  • You must be a valid US driver and be able to provide your driving license.
  • You must be able to give permission for a background check on your details.
  • A driver must be 21 years and above.
  • You must be able to access a four-door vehicle.
  • A driver must have a one year driving experience or three years of experience if aged 23 years.

Apart from the above stated requirements, there are other simpler instructions that an Uber driver must adhere to, and one of them is that they require a smartphone with a better data plan.

A full time Uber driver may use three gigabytes for every month and for the part-time drivers, they will require one gigabyte for rideshare use.

Lets Look into Different Uber Platforms ?

So, Uber have Uberx, Uber XL, Uber Select, Uber Black, and Uber SUV.

Uberx Requirements ?

Requires most of the newer vehicles.

Additional requirements include;

  • A four-door car and in a well-functioning condition.
  • 2002 or a newer model.
  • Four seats including the driver.
  • There are no full-sized vans or trucks required.
  • No government cars, taxi cabs or other marked are accepted.
  • Rebuilt or salvaged vehicles are required.
Uber XL Requirments?
  • 2002 model or newer vehicle.
  • A four-door SUV or a minivan with independently opening vehicles.
  • 6 passenger vehicle including the driver.
  • No full sized trucks or vans are required.
  • No government vehicles, taxi cabs or other marked vehicles are required.
  • No rebuilt vehicles or salvaged vehicles are required.
Uber Select Requirments?

Usually, the mid-tier luxury vehicles are accepted and in rare cases are other vehicle models required.


  • The interior of the vehicle should be vinyl or leather with no alterations whatsoever.
  • A 2008 model vehicle or newer.
  • The vehicle should have fully functioning windows and the air conditioning should be good.
  • Should contain four seats including the driver.
  • Taxi cabs, government vehicles or other marked vehicles are not required.
  • Rebuilt or salvaged vehicles are not required.
  • No full-sized vans or trucks are required.
UberBlack and UberSUV Requirements?

A driver is require to have a chauffeur’s license in both UberBlack and UberSUV.

Furthermore, the model of the vehicle required should be 2015 or newer.

The color of the vehicles should be black and the driver must always carry a commercial insurance.

Recently, Uber has implemented some changes on its services to make the driver’s experience a worthwhile one. Some of these changes are as follows;

  • Uber now allows a driver to be tipped through the app. This has been Lyft’s feature for quite some time but Uber just caught up. The driver claims 100% of the tip received from the rider. This is great improvement on the drivers’ as they get to earn an extra amount on top of the regular earnings than before when this service was not available.
  • Before, you would be deactivated after declining rides which is different to now where you will not be deactivated in any case. What happens is that you will receive various emails and if you don’t accept two to three rides in a row, you will be put in a time-out zone. When put in this zone, you will not be able to receive rides for 5 to 30 minutes. However, if you have a high cancellation rate, you will still be deactivated.
  • An Uber driver can now be able to call in for help. Back then, one was to send messages through the application and you would then wait for hours for the support team to get back at you. Now that service has been highly upgraded and in case you are faced with any problem, then you can make a call to the support team and give your pleas.
  • Drivers are now allowed up to six destinations settings per day, which is an upgrade to before where you were only allowed twice a day. This is a feature that allows you to set your rides to a specific destination such as you can set your destination to be to the airport or to your home. The settings are made at the application. Furthermore, you can set the time you would like to arrive at your destination.
Lets Answer some questions now?
Can I drive for Lyft and sign up for Uber?

Yes you can. Most drivers prefer to drive for Lyft but you should also consider an alternative just in case you are deactivated from Lyft temporarily.

Sometimes, passengers can make unrealistic allegations such as being under the influence of something when you are not and in this case, you may be suspended.

In this case, if you signed up for Uber, it would be the best move.

Another good reason for signing up for both companies is that at given times, one of two seems to lag behind on fetching customers and thus an advantage to the other.

So, you should certainly consider taking both of the options for a better outcome.

How much can I earn as an Uber driver?

The average earning for an Uber driver is $15-$20 per hour.

However, the earnings vary from driver to driver and also from city to city. Experienced and fulltime drivers tend to earn $25 per hour in bigger markets.

Experienced but part-time drives seem to make $25-$30 per hour but only if they are working at peak hours.

Furthermore, if a driver is working with Uber Select or Uber XL, they can make more money.

If you are a startup driver though, a more reasonable amount would be $15-$18 per hour.

However, if you are targeting to work on ten most busy hours of the weeks, then you can even more money.

To make more money with Uber, you should always consider the peak hours since these are the periods when the demand is high and you can fetch yourself a more reasonable amount.

How much are drivers paid and what are the best times to drive?

The sign up bonuses are just but part of the advantages that come with Uber. Once you are in the Uber Driver team, there is more to be earned than just the bonuses gained during registration.

You can even opt to sign up without the bonus and earn way more than you expected.

One thing to consider about this is the amount that you can make yourself during the busy hours, these are the hours that can enable you to make more money since the demand is high.

Working on the morning hours, evening hours and weekends will make $35 per hour.

During the morning hours, you can work from 6am to 9am and during the evening, you will need to work from 5pm to 8pm since these are the busy hours with the highest demand.

During the weekends, the best hours to work would be 6pm and 8pm, and also you can work between 10pm and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Payment is based on time and distance traveled.

For each ride, there is a bus fare set. Apart from this, drivers are paid per mile covered and also per minute wait time.

However, if a rider does not show up, then the Uber driver can cancel the ride and get $5 as cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee is $1.60 in Pool rides. The Uber driver payouts is on a weekly basis and ranges from 4am Monday to 4am the following Monday.

Statements are issued on every Tuesday and includes all the driving activities on the prior week.

There are also incentives paid on a daily basis and also on a weekly basis.

The drivers can use these incentives to increase their earnings by a range of $100 to $400.

With the weekday incentive, a driver can be paid an extra $150 given that he completes 50 rides between Mondays and Thursdays.

There is also the weekend incentive which can earn a driver an extra $200 given that the driver completes 50 rides between Fridays and Sundays.

Since Uber is offering such great opportunities for drivers, it is a lifetime opportunity to drive for Uber and get to earn a lot more than other alternatives.

As a new driver, you have the best opportunity to gift yourself the earning guarantee and also other bonuses that will enable you fetch higher amounts within the shortest time possible.

Getting employed by Uber has its own challenges but at the end of the day, you will get yourself a better pay that supersedes the cons of working with the company.

So you should sign up for Uber today and get all these advantages all by yourself.

How are the Uber drivers paid?

Uber Drivers are paid on a weekly basis through direct deposits. The drivers are also allowed to make cash outs within the weekly at any day of their preference.

Are Uber sign up promo codes same?

They are not the same. You may find that these codes vary and this is because these codes vary from city to city.

In cities such as Atlanta, you will find the code different and with a better bonus.

You may also find that in areas where Uber is starting up, the bonus seems to be bigger since the demand for drivers is higher.

When will one receive an Uber driver Bonus?

The Uber guarantee bonus will be credited to your account once you get to complete the required number of rides required.

If you are paid less than the expected amount, it will similarly be credited to your account.

How long do I have to wait before cancelling a ride?

You will need to wait for five minutes before you cancel the ride, after which you will receive $5 as cancellation fee.

The fee is $1.60 for Uber Pool and requires you to wait for two minutes.