Why Driving is way to earn extra income today?

Lyft is a fast developing company with a growing fan base all over the world and lyft 500 bonus or lyft 1000 bonus money that  will get you highest bonus.  

As the number of passengers continues to grow, Lyft urgently seeks drivers to meet the demand continually.

 New drivers are being offered the best opportunities once they sign up in Lyft. 

There is the Lyft sign up bonus which is meant to lure qualified drivers into the company. 

In addition to these bonuses, a new driver can also earn himself an earnings guarantee of up to $3,500. Lyft 1000 dollars Bonus which is sign up.

 However, one thing to note is that these Lyft sign up bonuses will vary depending on the city you are in and also the demand for drivers in that particular town.

How to claim your Lyft bonus money

Application to be a Lyft driver is an effortless process and only requires you to meet the driver and vehicle requirements. 

After the completion of the application process, you can then wait for the approval which can take up to a month. 

The steps involved in the application process are as shown below.

  1. You will be required to enter your phone number on the first page, after which you click on “Apply to Drive.”
  2. In this step, you will be required to fill in with your name, driving city, email and finally the code ” WELLCOME” to be used.
  3. In this section, you will be required to choose if you will be using either your vehicle or you will be renting one from the company.
  4. You will be required to provide your driving details. This will include your driving license and the years of driving experience. You will also be required to provide your age, and apparently, you must be 21 years and above.
  5. You will, in this case, be required to allow Lyft to run a background check on the details you provided just to confirm your details.
  6. Uploading personal license, insurance, and other related documents.

How the Lyft driver Sign Up Bonus works

For the code to be valid, it must only be used during application.

 However, the Lyft sign up bonus will determine according to the number of rides you offer. 

If you apply for $80 per 40 rides, it means that for each trip you’ll receive $2. One thing to note is that if you fail to complete the rides, you will be paid the difference. 

Payments can be on a weekly basis, and so you will not wait for the whole 60 days.

Lyft $1000 bonus you can use in 2019

The Lyft codes you can preferably use can be;

WELLCOME- You get up to $1000 dollars bonus. 

RIDESHAREFEED- This is the standard code for new drivers. However, the amount offered depends on the city.


The bonuses you earn will be an added pay to your earnings. 

You will thus gain more with these codes in use. To fetch these great promotions, you must sign up for Lyft today, and you will love the experience. 

Furthermore, an existing qualified driver can get to earn more if he uses his invite code to invite family and friends interesting in working with the company.


What are alternative to lyft and get sign up bonus

Well, Uber is the option left. Sign up with uber and get up to 1000 sign up bonus. 

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