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What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is a popular food delivery platform. It is available in most major cities.  It is a modern way of getting your takeaway food rather than you going for the food. It is a means of reaching many customers within a locality.

Uber eats is ideal for both customer and restaurants. There is no faster way of ordering and having your food delivered. The company teams up with delivery partners who your order from your selected restaurant and brings it right at your doorstep. There are more than 70 cuisine categories that you can order from different fast food joints, restaurants, or grocery stores. You can search for nearby food outlets by delivery time or by type of cuisine

To access Uber Eats, you first need to download and install the Uber Eats   app in your android IOS or through their website.  

How UberEATS works

To make your order from a restaurant through Uber Eats, do as follows

 Download the Uber Eats app. Create an account. If you have an Uber app already, you only need to log in.

Make an Order-You are at work and thinking of what to eat for lunch? It could be an impulse craving, or maybe you are so busy to go for a lunch break? If you find yourself in such a situation, Uber eats is here to help you. You only need to schedule an order of what you want ahead of time. Once you open the app, it automatically shows you the available restaurants in your locality. Alternatively, you can search whichever restaurant you want by the city, or by its name restaurant or even by a type of cuisine you feel like having.

 In your app, select your order, go to checkout. You will see a clock icon that defaults to “ASAP.” Choose the ideal time for the delivery of your food, depending on your schedule.

Check out what you want. Add it to your cart.

When ready to check out, give the address where you want your order to be delivered. Check on the total price for the order and the time you expect your order. Keep in mind that the total amount paid also includes the booking fee.

Your on-file credit card immediately pays for the order. No financial transaction should occur between you, the customer, and the driver.

Track Your Order– After placing your order, your app turns into a tracking system.

The Track Your Order feature on your Uber app helps you know the exact time you will get your food delivery. The app gives you prompt updates right during the preparation of the order, up to when you receive it.

Add a Note-In case you have additional information on your order; you can add it while placing the order. Maybe you want your food hotter! You can ask restaurant staff to add more chilies to it. You only have to leave your message to the special instruction box.

 Go to the food you want to order. After finding the menu, you will see the available options in case you want to make a special request. Be as specific as possible to make work easier for the person who will be handling your order. Finally, add your order to the basket icon.

Add Promo Code –Imagine getting a discount when you receive your food? You can use promo codes to access special offers on various orders on Uber Eats.

Add a Review –After receiving your order, please give your honest feedback. UberEATS app depends on the review for its survival. Immediately you get your food order; you can quickly rate both your delivery partner and the restaurant. The app uses the 5-star rating system.

 When giving your review, check if whatever requests you made were fulfilled. Where things went contrary to your orders, you just give your ratings accordingly. Remember that all reviews are anonymous. The restaurant receives all the scores, and it helps them improve their services.

Give a Tip – Other than giving a review, you can also leave some tip for your delivery partner. You can either do it as soon as you receive your order or within the next seven days. You only have to identify the one whom you feel qualifies a reward for a good job done.

Once the Uber eats delivery partner accepts the delivery, the app turns to a map application. It will show you the delivery partner en route to where you are .The driver could either be using a car, bike or scooter.

What are the benefits of using Uber Eats

Very convenient– It is an easy and fast way of ordering and getting ready to eat food. It is a great app that makes food delivery so easy. You only have to identify your restaurant and make a request. The app connects you with a wide range of local food stores and restaurants. You can make an order from the available menu when you want.

Know what others are serving -It is a great way of getting to know what other local restaurants are offering at the comfort of your home. It is a good way of supporting local food joints as you can always try out various cuisines from different food joints whenever you make an order.

Variety –   There are so many kinds of cuisines and dishes on the Uber Eats app, whatever it is that you are craving for; you will never miss it in the numerous restaurants in the app.

You only have to search the app for restaurant names, cuisine types, or the specific dish. You just want to be sure that you get what you ordered.

Hassle free-Uber Eats bring together all the available food places and restaurants near you via a delivery partner. It saves you the hassle of checking on the many takeaways leaflets on doorposts .You only have to pick, click, and add notes. Within a few minutes, your breakfast, lunch, or dinner order is ready with you. The tracker helps you know where your food is.

What is the alternative of Uber Eats?

Other than Uber Eats, there are other potential that you can try.


Caviar app enables you to order food from popular restaurants in the U.S. It is a food delivery start-up owned by Square. Other than food delivery, you can as well request food for pickup. The company partners with fancier restaurants and affordable food stores.

Caviar app is available in 21 major cities and markets, including Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Manhattan, Dallas, Los Angeles, Queens, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Washington D.C, Seattle, and Portland.

You can order from the Caviar’s website or the iOS and Android app. Download the free caviar app or go directly to their website. You then open the app and search for the restaurant of your choice or schedule a pick up. Once you’ve done that, simply search for a restaurant you want to order from or schedule a pickup. Create an account after selecting your restaurant and compiling your order.

You can browse the photos of the various menus from nearby restaurants to know what your order looks like. Each item you order has a picture. Upon your request, you will see your bill. You can view your account settings at any time or edit any information from either the web or the app.

To place an order, select Pickup or Delivery. Enter your address. Select pickup or time of delivery, click on the restaurant, and browse through the menu. Click on the menu item photo and add it to the cart. Click on the shopping bag icon when ready to check out. In case you have a special request for your order, you can add it from the cart page.

When you are ready to order, go to the checkout page. Enter your pickup or delivery address and payment information if it’s your first time using the app. The report will save automatically, and your account created.

 You immediately receive an order confirmation page with a receipt. A GPS tracker will also appear.

For pickup orders, there are no order minimums or fees. Just place your order and get your food. For delivery orders, the charges depend on your distance from the restaurant. There’s also a service fee of 18 percent to your subtotal for each Caviar delivery order.


Doordash is available in over 800 cities in the U.S. and Canada. The app has the widest selection of both local eateries and national chains. It has over 110,000 restaurant menus with 30 cuisines. Some of the restaurants offer free delivery. However, there are no premium restaurants represented in the food delivery app.

In case you want your meal accompanied with an adult beverage, you only have to tap the Drinks button on the bottom rail. You can either get wine, beer, spirit, and mixer delivery from the wine and liquor stores.

Restaurants having formal partnerships with Doordash share the delivery cost, they, therefore, do not charge a service fee for deliveries from these restaurants. Meaning that the menu prices remain the same as they would be when ordered in-store.


GrubHub is the leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace. Through the online ordering platform, the company allows orders from more than 140,000 takeout restaurants in over 2,700 U.S. cities and London. The GrubHub serves 50-plus cuisines.

The GrubHub portfolio of brands includes GrubHub, Seamless, LevelUp, Tapingo, AllMenus, and MenuPages.

The GrubHub app and online service are free to use. To use the app, you enter a delivery address, click ‘Find,’ after which you get a list of restaurants delivering in your area. In GrubHub, you search for an item that you want. Tap on the restaurant of your choice. Select your meal, and order. After placing, your order will then notify the restaurant to begin cooking your food. You will receive an email with the receipt. Finally, you have to confirm your order. 

GrubHub does not charge any delivery fees. The delivery fees are, however, set by the restaurant. The company accepts credit cards, gift cards, and modern payment methods such as Amex Express Checkout Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.


Postmates app is available in most cities in the U.S. You only need to place your order or the name of the restaurant on the app. Other than the food, Postmates also delivers groceries, alcohol, and gifts.

 Postmates offers 24/7 service, and it will serve you as long as the restaurant, grocery, or liquor store is still open. It partners with some of the best local restaurants. The company charges a delivery fee, plus a variable service fee, which is a percentage-based busy time.

In case your delivery fees are high, the company may help you offset it. You can also benefit from the Unlimited program.

Postmates is a goods and food delivery service.

Postmates delivery is currently available in cities across the U.S., like Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., Orange County, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, Las Vegas, East Bay, Portland, Charlotte, Sacramento, Long Beach. S.F. Peninsula, Nashville, and Denver.


Delivery.com LLC is an android app. Its headquarters is in New York. Delivery.com offers services in over one hundred cities across the United States, including Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

The online platform enables you to order food from local restaurants and food stores on demand. The company has more than one million users and an online marketplace of more than 12,000 restaurants, wine and liquor stores, and grocery stores. The company offers almost 40 cuisines. You can also get laundry cleaning services. Delivery .com is in such a way that you can easily navigate most of its offerings despite the size of your device.

You earn Delivery points with every request you make and can redeem the points for credits. You are also eligible for app-only promotions and discounts.


Seamless is a food delivery service. It is part of the GrubHub brand. It offers an app and online service, which gives you the ability to order food nearby cafes, restaurants, and popular fast food locations near your specific area for both pickup and delivery.

Seamless is currently in more than 900 cities in the United States and London.

The company offers a variety of cuisine, including Italian, Chinese, American, and more. On the app, you will see a list of restaurants in your area or close to the address you chose. Seamless always updates and adds new places. They want to ensure that everyone can assess the service.


Eat24 is an android app. GrubHub owns Eat24. The company does food delivery, or pick up from local fast food, and restaurants. The company serves up to 50 cuisines. The app has exclusive promos.