Indriver Requirement and Promo Code in NYC [ 0% Commission ]

Indriver NYC Overview

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Indriver is a rideshareapp based company from Russia and currently operating in 10 countries and more than 140 cities. Soon, they will launch  in new york city. It is very similarand to Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Via. 

What is the benefit of Driving with Indriver in NYC?

Well, there are some really good benefit of using the Indriver as driver as well as rider. So we discuss driver side of benefits. 

  • Compnay commission is 0% for first 6 months. After that, 5-10 %
  • The app always shows pick up location and destination
  • Your rating won’t be negatively affected for not accepting rides
  • Convenient payments by app
  • Choose your own time to drive

What are the requirements to drive with Indriver nyc?

In order to drive with Indriver you will need following documents to get prove within the company.

  • TLC Driver License
  • Commercial Vehicle Registration
  • FHV License or Blue sticker
  • FH1 Insurance
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance

Sign up process for Indriver NYC

Step 1: Download Indriver App from google play/app store

Step 2: Enter your phone number and confirm your number

Step 3.  Click on Tap here to register and then Enter Your name and home information  and Upload A image of yours. 

 Step 6. Select your car and take photo of your car and it must show your plate number in photo. Then Upload Commercial vehicle registration, then uplaod FHV License ( Blue sticker) Then Press NEXT 

Step 7. Enter Your Social Securiy Number then Enter you US Drivers license number and upload photo of US Drivers license , then upload TLC Drivers license  number, then upload FH1 insurance  and then finally Certificate of liability insurance then press NEXT

Step 8. Enter your bank account information in order to get paid  and your billing address and then Press NEXT

Step 9.  Take a photo with your driver license as image shows in the app

Step 10. Put Referral CODE ” 1619″ in order to get 6 months earning without giving commission to the company. 

Use this Reference code at end of app registration to Get 6 months 0% commision: 1619


Enjoy Driving With Indriver in NYC

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