How to Contact Uber as Driver

How to Contact Uber as Driver?

Getting in touch with a company when you need to is vital, especially in an emergency situation where reading through an FAQ page is not ideal.

If you are in an emergency, immediately call 911.

Once you have contacted the authorities, the emergency only Uber phone number is 800-353-8237 (800-353-UBER).

Not in an emergency but need to contact the popular rideshare service? You’re not alone — one of the most common things people ask about is how to contact Uber via phone in a non-emergency situation.

Contacting support via phone may seem ideal, but it is not always the fastest way to get a response from Uber customer service.

Both passengers and drivers can contact Uber online from within their Uber accounts. This can be via the app, social media channels, or Uber’s website. The response time varies from a few hours to 24–48 hours depending on how you choose to contact them.

These alternative methods provide users with something major: more time.

Users usually have to wait on hold while contacting a company by phone. If you’re on hold for three or four minutes, that’s considered quick. But waiting on the phone for several hours is less than ideal. Being glued to the phone as you wait for a representative to pick up your call is time-consuming and, well, annoying. Waiting can put you in a bad mood and when you do finally get in touch with a representative, the experience can be negative.

Due to this, we recommend taking a different approach to contacting Uber. Both drivers and passengers can submit their inquiry and know that a representative will get to them soon.

Despite that, one of the biggest questions we receive is how to get a representative on the phone. To address this concern, we have created the following guide.